Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

shieldLac du Flambeau is a premiere place for those seeking an exciting, cultural, and hands-on historical experience. Ojibwe culture is alive and well-respected in this community which has much to offer in the ways of both nightlife and outdoor living. Come to Lac du Flambeau to have a quiet walk in the woods, an exciting game of blackjack at the casino or an authentic cultural experience at the local Ojibwe museum. This is one of the unique places in the world where the balance of natural resources and modern development co-exist to protect future generations.

The rich history and culture of the Lac du Flambeau reservation brings the past alive into the present. Many years ago, the ancient Ojibwe came from the Big Salt Water in the East. Their migration was prophesied to end where they found food that grew on water. This food they found was wild rice, which continues to be a staple in the Ojibwe diet. Fish were also abundant and were harvested by the light of a flaming torch; thus the name Lake of the Torches. The Ojibwe name for this region was Waswagoning, meaning "A place where they spear fish by torch light". Enjoy beautiful sunsets and gentle evening breezes near the water's edge. 

The George W. Brown, Jr. Museum also offers top-notch exhibits dovetailing the old ways and the new ways into a holistic picture of Ojibwe life and history. The museum displays many rare artifacts while at the same time represents the present day in multi-media displays. An informational video shows the harvesting of wild rice, fish, and wild game and other traditions that the Ojibwe still practice.

For those visitors with outdoor ambitions, Lac du Flambeau offers hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers which are ideal for recreational water sports and abundant with a variety of fish. Local fishing guides are available and can add an interesting perspective to your expeditions. Travel for miles on beautiful snowmobile trails through the scenic woods and over the lakes for winter sport enthusiasts.

A variety of special events are available year-round in Lac du Flambeau ranging from the annual Bear River Pow-wow to top entertainment acts at the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino. You can stay in comfort at the Casino Hotel or bring your camper and pitch a tent at the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Campground on Flambeau Lake.

The lakes, rivers, and woodlands team with culture and modern amenities to make Lac du Flambeau one of the most popular destinations in north central Wisconsin. It is a place where you can visit the historic past while enjoying one of the most popular recreation areas of the beautiful Northwoods. Whether your interest is in culture, fishing, swimming, or recreation, Lac du Flambeau has something for everyone all year round. You are welcome in Lac du Flambeau to experience our history, heritage, and culture.

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